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The SIGNA Pioneer named for the many ways it is exploring and expanding what is possible in MR imaging, pioneering technology that creates scans sharper than you thought possible, for more patients per day than you considered possible with more comfort and less anxiety than your patients imagined possible.

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MAGiC (Magnetic Resonance Image Compilation)

Imagine being able to scan one more patient per hour, every hour of every day1… that’s the MAGiC  behind the SIGNA Pioneer’s One and Done Imaging. 

For the first time ever in the industry, you can generate multiple image contrasts in a single MRI scan including T1, T2, STIR, T1 FLAIR, T2 FLAIR and PD weighted images of the brain in a single acquisition.

One scan that can do the work of many, with images acquired in as little as one-third the time to acquire separate sequences, fully integrated in a seamless workflow.

Complete flexibility for multiple contrast changes

You can change the contrast of the image by manipulating TR, TE and TI even after the scan is completed and the patient has exited the MR room. MAGiC processing will provide you any desired contrast paving the way to new diagnostic capabilities.

MAGiC even goes beyond standard MR weighted images by processing raw data into quantitative T1, T2 and PD tissue maps.

Optimale TCO

SIGNA Pioneer is all about speed & efficiency

New 3.0T Design to maximize Return On Investment

Lower Cost to Site

Imagine siting a 3.0T system in a 1.5T siting space. SIGNA Pioneer is bringing 3.0T to places it has never been before. It has one of the smallest total siting footprint in the industry and is 25% smaller than conventional 3.0T systems.

Lower Cost to Operate

The SIGNA Pioneer is designed to use approximately 50% less power than conventional 3.0T wide bore designs through innovative ultra-high efficiency gradient technology. This means tremendous energy and operational cost savings while delivering high end 3.0T performance at the same time. 

Scan Easy (Auto Protocol Optimization)

Simple & automated workflow for breath-hold applications.

Reduce variance in image quality and improve your patient management capabilities in 2-clicks only.


ASTONISH … Designed to deliver an unmatched patient experience

With the SIGNA Pioneer, we’re pioneering a patient-centered design built on a new concept of higher patient comfort and lower patient anxiety.

Soothing Silence

With SilentSuite, which is both revolutionary and proprietary, the SIGNA Pioneer reduces dB levels from an ear-splitting, motorcycle-level 91dB to within 3dB of scan room ambient noise. Along with this dramatic advance comes the first-ever complete Silent Neuro Exam that includes Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI). In addition, we have expanded our Silent imaging capability beyond neuro imaging to musculoskeletal and spine imaging.

Breathe Easy 

With its free-breathing imaging applications and advanced motion correction software, SIGNA Pioneer will compensate for patient movement and allow complete free-breathing body imaging. This includes dynamic contrast enhanced MR imaging, improving dramatically patient experience but also image quality
in very challenging situations.

Rest Easy

The 70 cm wide bore design means more space and less anxiety. Not only is the bore wider, but so is the table. The SIGNA Pioneer’s Comfort Plus patient table even sits lower to the ground, making it easier for patients to get on and off. 

Non invasive procedures 

3D Arterial Spin Labeling (3D ASL) delivers quantitative perfusion assessment—without radiation or the need for injection. IDEAL IQ delivers whole liver 3D coverage in a single breath-hold. It provides a non-invasive, quantitative assessment of triglyceride fat content in the liver that can aid in diagnosing steatosis. Further, our Inhance Suite delivers a set of non-contrast angiography solutions.


IMAGINE scans sharper than you thought possible

Total Digital Imaging (TDI) 

The SIGNA Pioneer offers startling advances in imaging starting with pioneering RF receiving technology called TDI, meaning greater clarity and increased SNR by up to 25%.

TDI is built on three fundamental components:

  • Smart digitization with GE’s Direct Digital Interface (DDI) which employs an independent analog-to-digital converter to digitize inputs from each of 97 RF channels, literally redefining the concept of an RF channel. Not only does DDI technology improve SNR, but it also works with legacy GE coils for unmatched flexibility.
  • Digital Surround Technology (DST) combines the superior SNR and sensitivity of the high-density surface coils with the superior homogeneity and deeper signal penetration of the integrated RF body coil allowing superior image quality in 3T challenging areas such as spine and body imaging.
  • Digital Micro Switching (DMS) technology revolutionizes the receive chain by replacing analog blocking circuits with intelligent Micro Electro-Mechanical Switches (MEMS), making ultra-fast coil switching times possible for further expansion of zero TE imaging capabilities.

Besides its unique and future-ready 97 RF channel technology, the SIGNA Pioneer uses a high-homogeneity 3.0T magnet that is designed for oncology excellence, a solid foundation for your long term investment and clinical capabilities. 

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MultiDrive: the key to a 3.0T system with outstanding versatility

As MR technology improves, new challenges continue to present themselves. For instance shading artifacts are more demanding at 3.0T than 1.5T, particularly with abdominal exams. Parallel RF transmit has been the game-changer in body imaging, turning challenging MR exams into a clinical routine - improving speed, consistency and SAR management. Pioneer embeds MultiDrive RF Transmit architecture to ensure consistently clear images and signal uniformity.



Gewährleistet einzigartige Patientenkomfort-Funktionen mittels Bildgebung mit Silence -Ton (weniger als 3 dB über Umgebungsgeräuschen). Unsere SilentSuite ermöglicht ab sofort eine gesamte neurologische Untersuchung (T1, T2 FLAIR, DWI, MRA) bei weniger als 11 dBA über Umgebungsgeräuschbedingungen und mit Sequenzen, die den Patienten von Kopf bis Fuß erfassen.


MR-Bildgebung so einfach wie CT
Eine volumetrische Aufnahme der gesamten Leber mit einer Auflösung von 1,5 mm3 in gerade einmal 3 Sekunden! Und Sie können sogar mehrere Phasen bei einem einzigen Atemanhalten erzeugen, sodass gewährleistet ist, dass Enhancements gleich richtig erfasst werden und keine Wiederholungen nötig sind. DISCO erzeugt rasch zeitaufgelöste 4D-Bilder, um die Anforderungen der dynamischen kontrastmittelverstärkten Prostata- und Mamma-Bildgebung zu erfüllen.


Bietet eine höchst effiziente Methode zur Erhöhung der Auflösung bei Einzelaufnahme-Sequenzen (DW EPI). FOCUS wendet eine multidimensionale selektive Anregung an und unterstützt die Bildgebung spezifischer Organe mit kleinem Bildfeld (FOV) und hoher diagnostischer Qualität, weniger Artefakten und kürzeren Untersuchungszeiten im Vergleich zur konventionellen Diffusionsbildgebung.